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Tuesday 21 Nov 2017

What do parents think of home-based interventions?

When thinking about home-based therapy programs the perceptions of families is not always considered. In a research article published in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders by Corinna F. Grindle, Hanna Kovshoff, Richard P. Hastings and Bob Remington (January 2009) the authors reported the results of their research study regarding the perceptions of family members about their in-home intervention programs. Most of the participants reported they were happy with the program and the results. The participants did report some stressful aspects of in-home therapy including managing therapist, the additional burden of paperwork, and the increased financial stress.

As a person who works with families in building and running their in-home programs, this article furthered my insight into what I need to do for families. The authors suggest that program managers can better their services by considering the holistic needs of the family in creating their programs and supporting them in creating and maintaining successful in-home programs.
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