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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

Use Gadgets in Boadmaker Studio to Support Instruction for Individuals with Autism!


Do you use timers in your classroom to help students stay on task?  Would you like to add multiple choice questions to on-screen reading activities to assess comprehension?  Quickly and easily enhance your activities by learning more about these 2 Gadgets in Boardmaker Studio.

1 of 6 Timer Bars!              Multiple Choice Gadget







Click on the link below to see how these Gadgets can be used to support your students with autism.

Watch a short and informative 2 minute video about these Gadgets!

What are Gadgets in Boardmaker Studio? Gadgets are preprogrammed objects or collection of objects that you drag onto your onscreen activity to build or enhance templates or your own activities. Watch our Gadget Overview video in the Boardmaker Studio video library to learn more about to how to find and use Gadgets in Boardmaker Studio.


Happy board making!

Enid, Stephanie and Sandy

Your Boardmaker Education Specialists




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