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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

The Ups and Downs – by Lorna

This not an easy adjustment at all. Our lives have never been the same since her diagnosis, but My daughter makes me proud everyday. She is a real trooper. Autism can cause complications in everyday life, but my daughter fights against the odds everyday. It’s hard to explain to her sister. She tries so hard to understands what her sister is going through, but she can’t. She gets frustrated like me. We get angry because there is so much we just don’t know. The bright side is that I am not as unaware as I was before. I have books, videos, testimonies, seminars and other sources on Autism. I have hope now. My daughter could benefit more if we have the funds for educating her but I don’t.. Autism can be very expensive. I do the best that I can and pray about it. Lillie is not were she used to be but on a good long road to recovery. She is a trooper!

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