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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

SLP – by Bonnie

When he was four, a little boy with yet-to-be identified Asperger’s Syndrome entered the preschool program in which I was a related service provider. His constant self-prompting and special interests, including a love of time concepts, helped to make him stand out among his classroom peers. Everyone in the classroom was informed of the time throughout the day, almost minute-by-minute. As the school year ended, however, and he went on to another educational program, it was apparent that he had progressed in developing pragmatic language skills, but there was a long way yet to go. Imagine my surprise, happiness, and pride when, many years later, his handsome photo and byline appeared in a body of work he had written to inform and advise communities on the need to trust and give responsibility to their special needs constituents! Well-written, articulate, and profound, his article expressed a maturity beyond his years. Here was a person to be listened to! I was at once so proud of his accomplishments and ever grateful if I had any part in his developmental progress.

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