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Friday 19 Jan 2018

Safety Signs and Signals

Article by Stephanie Ekis, MS, CCC-SLP

To wrap up National Safety Month, I thought that I should spend a little time talking about safety signs. Safety signs and signals is the primary way of communicating health and safety information. Learning about these signs is a valuable skill that all children should acquire.

Download the safety signs symbols, pictured to the left, and use the tips below to create opportunities for your child to practice and learn what these symbols mean.

Tip 1:     Go on a safety sign scavenger hunt. 

Print out Safety Sign symbols and cut them apart.  Create flashcards to use in the car or on a walk around the neighborhood to match with signs you find in the community.

Tip 2: Play a game.

Print out 2 copies of the Safety Sign symbols and cut them apart to make little cards.  Use the cards to play a memory game and match the pairs.  Talk about each symbol when they are matched with the mate.  You could also play Go Fish with the same cards!

Tip 3: Read a book.

Use the Safety Sign symbols and match to those found in the book.  Listed below are a couple of books that you might find in the library.

  • I Read Signs (by Tana Hoban)
  • I See a Sign (by Lars Klove)

Tip 4: Learn about the meaning behind the shapes and colors used on safety signs.

Help your child generalize meaning of signs by exploring the shapes and colors used for safety signs.

Hint: If your child is nonverbal, use a color and shapes communication board to allow your child to participate in this activity.

Tip 5: Write a safety Social Story™.

To learn more about Social Stories, see the February 2012 article titled, Social Stories ™:  What are they and how can I use them to support my child?

Hint: Download the Summer Safety BookThis is a good example of a safety social story.

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