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Sunday 21 Jan 2018

Recommended Links

Non-Profit Autism Organizations

Autism Speaks – The nation’s largest autism science and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks is dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders, and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

National Autism Association – Responding to the most urgent needs of the autism community, the National Autism Association provides help and hope so that those affected by autism can reach their full potential.

The National Autistic Society (UK-based) – Based in the United Kingdom, the National Autistic Society provides information, support and pioneering services, and campaigns for a world where autism is understood and where everyone with autism gets to live the life they choose.

Autism Society of America – Founded in 1965, the Autism Society is the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, and exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism.

Global Autism Collaborations – An organization dedicated to networking and collaboration with autism organizations worldwide to generate necessary political, legal and social change to deal with the global autism health crisis.

Families for Early Autism Treatment – A non-profit organization of parents, family members, and treatment professionals designed to help families with children of all ages who have Autism Spectrum Disorders. It offers a network of support where families can meet each other to discuss issues surrounding autism and treatment options.

General Autism Information – The go-to online resource for parents and educators who want to master the terminology, procedures and best practices in special education.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Autism Information Center – This website provides facts about autism, presents information on screening for, diagnosing and treating autism.

The Autism Education Network – Provides information and training to families and professionals regarding best practices in autism treatment.

Child-Autism-Parent-Café – Created by the parents of a child with autism, Child-Autism-Parent-Café provides practical information to help, plan and manage daily living with autism.

Autism Web – An information website run by parents, for parents.

Autism Today – The largest online autism resource, this website offers an extensive archive of articles and research summaries, a resource store, advice from a variety of autism experts, Autism Education Online™, and live tele-classes.

Unlocking Autism – Unlocking Autism was founded in February of 1999 by two mothers and a grandmother who came together for one primary purpose – to obtain information about how to help children with autism and to get that information as quickly as possible to the parents of newly diagnosed children.

Autism, Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) / University of Michigan Health System – This website provides information and resources related to autism spectrum disorders, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and other disabilities.

AutismLink – This organization is committed to providing opportunities for inclusion, information and support, and keeping parents and family members of individuals with autism spectrum disorders and individuals with autism apprised of news and information, helping them in their quest for services, and in their quest for camaraderie with others in the autism community.

Autism Resources – Part of the University of Missouri’s Disability Policy and Studies office, this website provides a variety of autism information.

Medline Plus: Autism – A service of the United States National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health, this website provides information and resources for families living with autism.

A Wish Come Clear – A wish come clear is a blog for people who see beyond first impressions. It’s for those who have come to see that labels like ‘intellectual disability’ or ‘mental retardation’ are inadequate. Caroline Garnet McGraw is the writer behind the site and she is also the Program Director for L’Arche Washington DC, Arlington homes.

People’s Resource Guide To Autism A compiled list of autism related resource pages that provide important information about topics such as diagnosis, screening, management and much more.

Early Intervention

First Signs – A national non-profit organization dedicated to educating parents and professionals about the early warning signs of autism and related disorders.

Make the First Five Count – Easter Seals has created a new program called Make the First Five Count(SM) which encourages parents to be more aware of the social and developmental milestones their children should be reaching during the first five years of life. Easter Seals knows that young children with special needs and developmental delays can succeed in school alongside their peers if they receive early intervention services – therapies that work to strengthen their physical, social, emotional and intellectual abilities at a very young age.

Social Skills

Thrive on the Autism Spectrum – This blog, created and run by Patricia Robinson MFT, is a great source of information. In addition to the blog, Patricia is a therapist and coach who works with kids, teens, and parents either in person, over the phone or via video conferencing.

Parent Support

Autsim and PDD Support Network – An information and resource site for parents of children and caregivers coping with autism.

Parent to Parent USA – This national non-profit organization offers parent to parent support as a core resource for families with children who have special heath care needs, disability or mental health issues.

Autism Support Network – A site dedicated to short-cutting the uphill battle that individuals and families undertake when faced with autism, whether that means the initial diagnosis, day-to-day living and coping, etc.

Moms Fighting Autism – A website offering free monthly autism webinars and social networking opportunities.

Grandparent Support

Grandparent Autism Network – This organization is dedicated to informing grandparents about autism and the medical, educational, legal and social issues that affect their families, enabling them to share how they may improve the quality of life for their children and grandchildren.


Organization for Autism Research – Led by parents and grandparents of children and adults on the autism spectrum, OAR relies upon the use of applied science to answer questions that parents, families, individuals with autism, teachers and caregivers confront daily.

Autism Research Institute – The hub of a worldwide network of parent and professionals concerned with autism, the Autism Research Institute conducts and fosters scientific research designed to improve the methods of diagnosing, treating and preventing autism, distributes research findings to parents and others seeking help.

Autism Research at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development – This site provides easy access to the most current information about NICHD research projects, publications, news releases and other activities related to autism and similar disorders.

Autism Spectrum Disorders / National Institute of Mental Health – Information on autism published by National Institute of Mental Health.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment – Their mission is to share accurate, scientifically sound information about autism and treatments for autism.


Talk Autism – A communication service shared by many organizations to access a common database of resource directories, distance learning library and special message boards.


Easter Seals – This organization provides services, education, outreach, and advocacy so that people living with autism and other disabilities can live, learn, work and play in our communities.

Easter Seals Autism Blog – An autism blog run by the Easter Seals.

The Arc – The largest national community-based organization advocating for and service people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Autism Self-Advocacy

Autism Network International – A self-help and advocacy organization run by individuals with autism for individuals with autism.

We Are Autism – A social support network for those living with autism spectrum disorders.

By Parents, For Parents

Autism Blog – A mother blogs about life with her son with autism and educational topics related to autism spectrum disorder.

Autism Watch: 2007 – A working mom of four, one of whom has autism, blogs about autism awareness and acceptance those who face the challenges and differences that autism brings.

What We Need – A mother blogs about life with her child living with high-functioning autism.

Hoping, Not Coping – This blog is run by a mother of a child with autism. She shares her experiences and offers support to other families whose lives are affected by autism.

Lost and Tired – This blog is by a father of 3 boys on the autism spectrum. He shares his experiences and struggles on a daily basis and reviews apps and products.


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