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Sunday 21 Jan 2018


Resources for Parents

Whether you’re a parent of a child who was recently diagnosed or you’re the parent of an older individual with autism there is something in this section for you. In this section you will find information about treatment options, accessing services, school issues, disruptive behaviors, sleeping issues, eating issues, toilet training, book recommendations and how to get connected to services and support in your community.

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Resources for Educators

If you’re a special educator, general educator, private therapist, or other service provider for individuals with autism, you will find a plethora of useful information in the section. There is information and tips on assessing students, writing behavioral objectives, collecting and graphing data, teaching academic, social, adaptive and other skills, addressing problem behaviors, and book recommendations.

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Resources for SLPs and Other Professionals

Speech-language pathologists and other professionals will find a variety of information in this section including tools to increase AAC knowledge, assess students and teach a variety of skills.

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Vocational Center

Vocational and employment opportunities for individuals with autism are of big concern to individuals themselves and their families. In this section on vocational centers you will find information about employment opportunities, general employment information, employment success stories and a comprehensive glossary of terms used in the vocational field.

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Recommended Books

If you search for books related to autism you will find thousands of books. In a perfect world, we would have plenty of time to read everything ever published on the subject, but the reality is that there is not enough time in the day. So we’ve tried to find the top books about autism, autobiographies, IEPs, ABA, diet and nutrition, anxiety, children’s books and novels about individuals with autism we think are definitely worth your time to read.

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Recommended Links

There are an endless number of websites online about autism. To assist you in finding the most clear and relevant resources we’ve listed our top recommended sites including autism organizations, general autism information, early intervention, communication, social skills, parent and grandparent support, research, technology, advocacy, self-advocacy and sites created by parents for parents.

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The autism community is full of technical terminology, jargon and an endless barrage of acronyms… what do they all mean?!? We know how you feel. So we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of terms used in the field and their definitions. In many instances we’ve included illustrative examples to help you understand the term, how it is used in the field, and clarify any misconceptions.

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