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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

House Rules


Jodi Picoult’s novel tells the story of a young man, Jabob, who has Asperger’s and becomes entangled in a murder investigation. The story is told from the perspective of six characters and tells the story of Jacob, how his life and the others around him are impacted by Asperger’s and then how he becomes the suspect in a murder case. Jodi has done an amazing job researching Asperger’s syndrome and creates a main character who is very believable. Her writing style is unique, and this story, like all her others, is very engaging and touching. This book is a nice change from the informational and clinical books about autism, and simply tells a good story which also pulls in accurate information to help build a strong main character.

Many of you may have read some of her other books which delve into themes with family conflicts and difficult moral choices. Two of her most recent books include “Second Glance” and “My Sister’s Keeper”.

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