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Friday 19 Jan 2018

Preschool Implementation Idea of the Month – Stamping Fun!

Stamping Ocean

Highlighted Studio Template – Stamping

Preschool during the summer time is full of sensory experiences, especially with water as temperatures rise and more water activities occur outside. The Stamping template enables teachers to build upon those sensory experiences to teach about content such as the animals, plants, and people that live in different environments with those sensory elements in a fun activity that can be sent home. This template can be used as an on-screen activity on an interactive whiteboard or as a  thematic center print activity reinforced with Velcro and lamination or as a cut and paste activity.

How to use:

Pick a picture to be used as the landscape for an environment and place it in the biggest button on the template. In the side buttons, place pictures of animals, plants, and even people. When either used as an on-screen activity or a print activity, students can move the items in the smaller buttons on to the landscape to create a visual scene. Students can practice such skills such as  vocabulary identification, following instructions, eliciting language, and creating stories. Print out the visual scene and send home for more practice with family!

An example of the Stamping template being used with a water theme can be found on Boardmaker Online in the Jumpstart Group or by searching  for the following activity created by SandyKlind: JS-Preschool-Stamping Ocean Animal.

Have fun Stamping with your students!





Enid, Stephanie, Sandy

Boardmaker Education Specialists

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