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Tuesday 21 Nov 2017

Pediatric Feeding Seminar A Behavioral Approach


This seminar is designed for Speech and Language Pathologists, Feeding Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Nurses, Pediatricians, and other clinicians working with children who want to learn about using behavioral methodology to treat food aversion, food refusal, texture selectivity, G-Tube dependency, and other pediatric feeding difficulties.

Get “hands-on” training, in-depth instruction, individualized feedback, increased perspective through discussion and group tasks with professionals from diverse backgrounds, in addition to, systems and procedures you can readily implement in your own practice.

When: June 9-10, 2012
Where: Silicon Valley, California
Registration: Click here for more information and to register

One Comment

  1. The seminar would surely helps the pediatrician to learn about the feeding behavioral. There may be lots of problem arises in feeding. So its necessary by the Pediatric Nurses to study the feeding problems.

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