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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

New Finding Related to Genetics and Paternal Age


A few new studies released in Nature show a linkage, in some cases of autism, between autism, genetic mutations and paternal age. An article posted on by Alice G. Walton on April 6, 2012 reviews some of the findings:

Excerpt: This week, three new studies have found some revealing links between certain gene mutations and the development of autism. One even showed a strong connection between the age of the father, more than the mother, and the spontaneous mutations that are linked to autism. Still, it’s important to keep in mind that the genes indicated in these studies only account for a small percentage of the number of kids with autism – and it is this very fact that may tell us as much about the disorder as finding the genes involved.

The studies, all released in the journal Nature, looked at the genes of families in which the parents did not have ASD but their child did. This means that there was no long genetic history of autism, so if gene mutations were involved, they were probably due to de novo mutations – those that occur spontaneously, around the time of conception. Click here to continue reading the article

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