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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

My Sweet Baby Boy – by Kimberly

The day my son was born I don’t think I could have been any happier then I was except that my husband was deployed and I had him alone. He started out small and got smaller. We were taking a breast feeding class because for some reason he didn’t eat well. At about 5 months I had to stop that class and go to a smaller one. Seems he didn’t like the sound of all them babies and moms. Kyle didn’t like loud noises even at that age. People noises bothered him the most. He has an aversion to men also. He didn’t like men near him except for his daddy.

He stopped talking at 18 months. He wouldn’t look at us or talk. He even put all his books away and wouldn’t touch them anymore. Even me reading to him was a trial. Taking him to the store and out of the house was not very easy either. It got worse and worse until we decided that something was terribly wrong. He screamed at the doctors, we couldn’t even get him a hearing test. We tried 5 times. Finally we got him tested and into stride.

Then we had to move. All the way to Alaska. Kyle was car sick the whole way there. It was the middle of winter and not a fun time to be driving along the Alcan. It took us from the time he was almost 3 until he was 7 yrs old to get him tested for autism. The only reason I even heard about it was because his preschool teachers son was autistic and she said he showed some of the same behaviors as her son. With her help we finally got him diagnosed. It was a hard road. Especially in Alaska. There is only 1 specialist there for the whole autism community. But they have a great program once you get diagnosed. Its called The Stone Soup Group. But of course at this time we had to move again.

We are now in Kansas. The schools here in Manhattan are wonderful for autistic children. They have a school for the verbal and one for non-verbal. The teachers are awesome. And he’s learning so much. But we have our good days and our bad days. I think that with love and faith we can make it through anything. God blessed me with my son because he knew I would love and cherish him. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband who supports us and all we go through. Kyle also has a little brother who loves him to pieces. Every day is a new story. We never know what’s going to happen but we embrace it with all the love and enthusiasm we have.

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