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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

Interactive Autism Network – Connecting the Community with Research

If you are an individual with autism, a parent or grandparent and you have not joined the Interactive Autism Network yet, I highly recommend you do. By joining this research community you can stay abreast of current research and participate in online research endeavors. They have many opportunities available for individuals and family members to participate in online survey research which helps inform the autism community and drive further research.

“IAN Research is a groundbreaking project which is attempting to collect the largest ever data-set on individuals with ASDs. We invite you to participate!

By answering secure online questionnaires, and without ever leaving the comfort of home, parents of children with ASDs can provide crucial information about their child’s diagnosis, behavior, environment, and services received. At the same time, adults with ASDs can share valuable information about their experiences, strengths, and needs. (At this point, there is little information about how adults with ASD in the United States are doing. The IAN Project hopes to change that.)

Researchers from throughout the world will work with the information participants provide to learn about the effect and interaction of factors such as genetics, environment, and treatment, as well as the current situation, well-being, and needs of those affected by ASD. IAN Research will also serve as a research registry, matching participants who give their permission with other local and national autism research projects studying ASDs.”

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