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Tuesday 21 Nov 2017

Increase communication opportunities during typical summertime activities

Submitted by Stephanie Williiams, MS CCC-SLP

There are many ways that communication can be supported during summertime activities.  The goal should be to provide the necessary tools so that your child can participate to the fullest extent possible.  Use these opportunities to teach new skills and strengthen existing skills.  Look to the tips below to increase communication opportunities while on summer break.

If your child is using low-tech strategies (e.g., PECS), make sure that the necessary words and messages are available.  You may need to create new symbols to add to the communication book or board to support interaction during summertime activities and outings.

Tip: If you have access to Boardmaker, either a personal copy or a copy at your child’s school, Boardmaker share is a free resource that gives you access to hundreds of pre-made communication boards, learning activities, games and teaching materials.  Go to for more details.

If you child is using a communication device, you may find that it already has many communication pages that will support interaction during some typical summertime activities.  Many of these pages will be linked from the existing pages in your child’s device.  If you are using a DynaVox Maestro, V+ or Xpress, spend a little time exploring your page set to locate the following activities: 4th of July Baseball game, Bowling, Park, McDonald’s, Fishing, Camping, and Zoo.

Click the icons below for examples

Tip: If you can’t locate these activities from your child’s current page set, you can also access them through the Page Navigator. You can also use the Search box in the Page Navigator menu to locate pages!

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