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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

Getting Your Documents in Order

Parents of individuals with special needs, on top of everything else they have to deal with, are likely to have stacks and stacks of paperwork that, if not organized properly, will surely become overwhelming. I would suggest choosing whatever organization system works best for you and make sure to take time on a weekly basis to make sure everything gets filed appropriately. I’m partial to binders, because I can easily flip through the information, but many people opt for file cabinets. Most people find that the easiest way to stay organized is by year.

Here are the types of information you’ll want to keep in order so you can easily access the information when needed:

  • Medical Information – doctor contact information, diagnosis, medical/genetic testing results
  • Assessment Results – school evaluation, speech, occupational therapy, behavioral
  • Schedules – daily therapy times, program start/end dates, deadlines
  • Individualized Education Plan – current plan, all prior written notices, amendments
  • Correspondence – copies of all letters and emails sent to school

Check out the Autism Speaks Toolkit for a few more tips and sample forms.

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