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Tuesday 21 Nov 2017

Evan…A Communication Success Story


Evan is a 5th grader who loves to play with his twin brother, swing, and watch videos about rollercoasters. At school, Evan spends the majority of his day in a general education classroom and also receives autism support services throughout the day. Since Evan received his Maestro AAC device three years ago, his language and communication have exploded! Evan’s literacy skills have improved exponentially and he is able to use spelling (on his device or on a computer) to type communication messages and school assignments. He even sends emails to friends and family to stay in touch.

Evan has been so successful because his support team (e.g., teachers, parents, friends, therapist, etc.) has set high expectations, consistently maintain an optimistic attitude, and create a positive communication environment for him. Evan is able to participate in the classroom, learn new things and interact with others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

With his device, Evan is able to:

  • Work collaboratively with classmates to complete assignments and class projects.
  • Share information about his school day with his parents.
  • Interact with peers in a social manner.
  • Speak his mind (e.g., likes, dislikes, opinions, etc.)

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