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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

Credit For Commenting!

Person Typing

The Autism-Community recently re-launched with a new layout and new features. During the month of April we’re giving you “Credit for Commenting”. Come and engage with the newly re-launched for a chance to win a $50 credit to

There are multiple ways to enter*:

  • Comment on
  • Create a post in our newly released forum
  • Post to our Facebook
  • Tweet about us on Twitter (@asdhelp)

We will select one winner every week for the month of April!

*Maximum of 4 entries per week allowed.


  1. ElizabethHauger says:

    Always great to find new and interesting sites on Autism!  😀  

  2. ElizabethHauger says:

    interesting site!

  3. andersrj says:

    The website seems to be even easy to use. I like the new features. Thanks!

  4. janam says:

    I really hope that this site takes off.  I am a parent that would love a group of parents to belong to.

  5. annokeeffe says:

    I am a para working with many wonderful children on the spectrum. I am also a sister of one on spectrum and have 3 children affected by Aspergers. I am delighted to have more resources and  up to date information . Thank you. 

  6. Lovingheartmommy says:

    My daughter was just diagnosed last October, I’m trying to learn as much as I can about Autism! I’m glad I found this website!

  7. annokeeffe says:

    Morning- this web has lots of nice tidbits of info to explore. 

  8. annokeeffe says:

    I have an email in my account from autism community that says to activate my account I need to give them an activation key- typed in words…… but I Have no idea what this is. Does anyone else?

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