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Friday 19 Jan 2018

Create a plan. Create success.


Article by Patrick Brune M.S., CCC-SLP

As we support our students in various language learning activities, we need to make sure that we, as a team, are targeting the best activities possible, creating the most opportunities for success.

There are lots of tools out there to help your team develop a strong implementation plan (for example – Communication Partner Preparation Selecting Activities Worksheet ), and they all state the need to list activities or parts of activities that are motivating to your student or child.  And for the individuals who might be using an AAC device to help bridge their pragmatic communication goals, that list is even more important.  Deciding on which activities that are motivating, and create the best teaching opportunities should become priority both at home and at school. 

 Instructions for Selecting Activities:

  • Creating this list is as simple as finding a weekly calendar page, and writing down what the individual does in each hour or period during the classroom day. 
  • Once the major categories of the day have been outlined go back and be more specific, because that Language Arts period may have several smaller activities which might include listening and speaking skills, reading fluency, vocabulary, reading comprehension, etc.  It’s within these smaller, well defined activities that we can start to make an impact in language and learning, and with our specific communication goals.
  •  Put a star (* ) by the activities (or parts of activities) that are motivating to that student.  And when we say motivating, find the activities that make that child smile when they are participating with their teachers and peers.   

Review the activities with your team and start to list which one of these motivating activities are a priority to all the team members.  Finding an activity that is both motivating and a priority is a great place to start when thinking about implementing your student’s language learning and communication goals.

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