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Sunday 21 Jan 2018


The videos on this page will inspire, inform and educate.  Featuring children, teens and adults these videos illustrate how full and rewarding life on the Autism Spectrum can be for the individual and their families.  Whether their lives were changed by greater understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders, traditional interventions, or just serendipity, the individuals and families here are all achieving more than they dreamed possible.

Would you like to share your own story of life on the spectrum?  Click here to submit a video or share a link to your video on YouTube.

10 Things Every Autistic Child Wishes You Knew

An Interview with an Autistic Child – A sister interviews her brother with Asperger’s to learn more about what life on the spectrum is like.

Damien Hernandez – Early intervention changed Damien’s life.

James Hobley – Autism, Disco and Me – Two years ago, James Hobley couldn’t read or write and was happier playing with his cats rather than talking to his family. Then, aged eight, he discovered disco dancing and his life changed forever. Within months he was reading and writing and winning dance competitions. Now he wants to be known as James the amazing dancer, not James the boy with autism. He’s competing for the world title in disco at Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom.

Slade Helwig – Slade is a happy, engaging young boy living with the effects of autism. Thanks to his communication device, the frustration that stemmed from his inability to communicate has been greatly diminished. Today, Slade is able to tell his mother that he loves her, be a successful student and interact with friends.

Timmy Swindale – Timmy is a math genius. But few people knew that before he got a communication device in the fall of 2007. That’s because Timmy has autism and lives with significant communication challenges presented by the condition. The communication device allows him to speak his mind, take part in conversations and share his intelligence with those around him.

UM-NSU CARD Adults with Autism Success Stories – The University of Miami – Nova Southeastern University Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (UM-NSU CARD) supports employing adults with autism. Take a brief look into the working life of 3 individuals with autism. UM-NSU CARD employs adults with varying levels of functioning due to their autism.

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  1. autismmum says:

    Video i made for a charity we formed in Galway Ireland .I am a mum to 4 kids two of whom have autism

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