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Friday 12 Feb 2016

Community Center

Community Stories

Our community members, which include individuals with autism, their family members, and professionals, have a wealth of information. What’s the best way to share this plethora of information? Through their stories, of course. This section of the website has all the stories our members have shared over the years. Read through them and be inspired, then share your own story with the other members of the community.

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Discussion Forum

Have you been searching for the best place to get your questions answered and share your experiences with other members of the Autism Community? You needn’t look any further. In this discussion forum community members and moderators pose questions to the community and open the boards up for discussion. Please note the moderators have final say about what comments/questions stay on the board, so please keep it respectful and clean.

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Product Watch

Community members are always asking for recommendations for assessments, curriculum, toys, games, and other teaching materials. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites so everyone in the community can access the best products for teaching and learning. Please let us know if there are any products you think the members of the autism community should know about.

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The videos on this page will inspire, inform and educate. Featuring children, teens and adults these videos illustrate how full and rewarding life on the Autism Spectrum can be for the individual and their families. Whether their lives were changed by greater understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders, traditional interventions, or just serendipity, the individuals and families here are all achieving more than they dreamed possible.

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About Us

Welcome to the Autism Community. Our mission here at Autism Community is to provide useful information and resources to individuals with autism, their family members and professionals involved with people with autism. Additionally, we are striving to help members of the autism community get connected with the support and services they need.

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