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Sunday 21 Jan 2018

Celebrating Summer Fun in Preschool









Explaining time to preschoolers can be difficult since it’s an abstract concept. So how to you answer the question, “is it time yet?” Use an onscreen visual timer as a visual reference of the passage of the desired time and students will begin to learn how “much longer” it is. Or use the onscreen visual timer to create a game out of an on-screen activity while teaching students about the passage of time.

Have preschoolers that are always trying to convince you to let them be first? Leave the choice up to probability and chance by using an onscreen Spinner. Use it from designating who will be first in line to which color team will start the game to how many times a song can be played. Students will begin to learn about probability and chance without even knowing it while you embed other essential skills in to this fun learning tool.

Watch this short 1:30 minute video to better understand how these Gadgets can enhance your ability to use BM Studio activities with your preschool students.

Both these Gadgets’ locations and more teaching tips can be found in the Preschool Jump Start !

Happy board making!

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