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Friday 19 Jan 2018

Celebrate Autism Awareness Month!


Article by Stephanie Ekis, MS, CCC-SLP

April is a time to teach others about autism and make a difference in the lives of families.  How will you celebrate Autism Awareness Month?  Here is a list of simple things that you can do to spread the word!

  • Add an autism fact to the signature on your outgoing email.


  • Change your profile picture on Facebook.
    • Hint: Find some Autism Awareness Month graphics on Google Images.


  • Go see a movie.
    • The Autism Society is collaborating with AMC Theatres to bring special-needs families Sensory Friendly Films every month. Click here for more information.


  • Learn something new.
    • Download an autism resource Toolkit.  These toolkits cover a bunch of different topics and can be copied and shared with family, friends and service providers.


  • Make a difference.
    • Let your legislators know what you think about legislation which affects people with autism. Make sure to take a look at what is going on in your state and on the national level.

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