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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

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Stamping Ocean

Preschool Implementation Idea of the Month – Stamping Fun!

Highlighted Studio Template – Stamping Preschool during the summer time is full of sensory experiences, especially with water as temperatures rise and more water activities occur outside. The Stamping template enables teachers to build upon those sensory experiences to teach […]

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Article at a Glance: Facilitating Early Speech Development

The authors of this article reviewed a number of treatment strategies that address speech sound production delays and disorders in young children, with particular focus on those children


Celebrating Summer Fun in Preschool

              Explaining time to preschoolers can be difficult since it’s an abstract concept. So how to you answer the question, “is it time yet?” Use an onscreen visual timer

good manners book

20 Ways to Use Boardmaker Studio Starter Templates with Preschoolers

Here are some practical ideas for using Boardmaker Studio Starter Templates to create fun activities for young children - the perfect tool to support language, literacy and social

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Boardmaker Customer of the Month: Cheryl Waterfield

I can recall the days of painstakingly photocopying, coloring, cutting, and laminating symbols.    I have used every version of Boardmaker and Studio has really changed the game for


Preschool is COOL school!

Preschool is where our youngest children learn the skills they need in order to be good students.  In preschool kids learn: - Thinking skills - Self-awareness skills - Social skills - Pre-academic


Article-at-a-Glance: Electronic Screen Media for Persons with ASD

We know from experience that many of our students with ASD have a preference for TV, movies, and computers over other activities.  This article-at-a-glance summarizes a study that


Gadgets to Celebrate Hearing and Speech month!

Do you love using Symbolate with your students? Do you sometimes wish a Symbolate button could speak? Well, no need to wish anymore! Use the Read Symbolated Text Button


Using Studio Starter Templates to Make Activities for Speech Therapy

Even though I’ve been using Boardmaker for years, I can never get enough new ideas for creating new activities!  All it takes is one good idea to get


SLPs, We Have a Special Message for YOU!

  May is Better Hearing and Speech Month and we are helping to kick it off with a special SLP Jump Start Kit that has a special focus on