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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

All posts in Current Research

Improving Communication with Visual Supports

To preface my tips about how to use visual supports to improve communication, I thought it would be helpful to review all the components of communication. Communication is not just sending a message! Communication is comprised of 6 different components: […]

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Facilitating Academic Success with Visual Supports

Visual supports can be used effectively with individuals with autism to facilitate academic success. Teaching academic skills such as reading, writing and math can be difficult because learning

Transitioning Within and Between Activities

Transitioning for individuals with autism within and between activities is a common area of difficulty. Visual supports have been used very successfully with many individuals. Some useful tools

Affording Summer Camp

The price tag for summer camps can cause sticker shock to many families. There are, however, options for getting financial assistance for families who qualify. A good place

Facilitating Social Interactions at Summer Camp

This month we're discussing summer camps for individuals with autism. Summer time can be a stressful time of year because school is out and parents struggle to find

Assessing Communication Skills

Educators sometimes find it difficult to identify specific communication skills to target through intervention. Standardized assessments are useful for getting a broad measurement of an individuals language development,

IDEA National Survey Project

Parents, Professionals and individuals with autism I encourage you to participate in this survey regarding special education services. Your answers will be compiled in a report about experiences

Using Technology in the Classroom to Teach Communication

At an elementary school in Florida, technology is being utilized to teach students who are unable to express themselves verbally to communicate. Technology is also being integrated at

Study for Mothers of Children with Autism

The following letter isĀ  from Joan Dodgson, a professor at Arizona State Univerity. She is conducting a study which consists of participation in 2 interviews. If you are

Research Opportunity for Parents of Individuals with Autism

Autism Community Members are being offered the opportunity to participate in the following research study! Please contact Laura for more information! Hello! My name is Laura Dengler and I