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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

All posts in Community Stories

An SLP and Autistic Son’s Success Story – by Terri

What makes my clinical experience unique is that I also have over 30 years of personal experience with my own 31 year old son who is autistic, Anthony. He has successfully developed his social interactive skills to gain employment at […]

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Speech Language Pathologist – by Claire

I am a Speech Pathologist who works with preschoolers and elementary aged students. One of my students who has a diagnosis of Autism has difficulty recognizing the faces

The “Higher Functioning” path – by Jenni

This is my story about being a woman with Asperger's Disorder. I always knew I was different somehow, as all little kids can tell when something is different,

I Thought I Knew Everything About Autism – by Jennifer

I thought I knew all there was to know about autism, until I had my son. I run a program for high school students with autism based on structured

The Ups and Downs – by Lorna

This not an easy adjustment at all. Our lives have never been the same since her diagnosis, but My daughter makes me proud everyday. She is

Then and Now – by Lisa

I got my masters in Special Ed (mild - learning disabilities) back in 1994. During the time when I took classes, Autism never came up (it was considered

My Sweet Baby Boy – by Kimberly

The day my son was born I don't think I could have been any happier then I was except that my husband was deployed and I had

I’d Pick You – by Donna

I have this little thing I say to my son. I've said it for years. It's a Mommy thing. Something that he can hold on to during yucky

SLP – by Bonnie

When he was four, a little boy with yet-to-be identified Asperger's Syndrome entered the preschool program in which I was a related service provider. His constant self-prompting and

Learning Ain’t Easy – by Helen

The principal called me to come into his office and stated, "Ms. Warden, so far from what I have seen and heard about your teaching has not been