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Sunday 21 Jan 2018

All posts in Community Stories

Autism Awareness Contest Entry: Jennifer’s Wish for the Future

Jennifer is the mother of a young boy with autism and also works with individuals with communication disorders. Her wish for the future is for everyone to see the gifts people with autism possess instead of focusing on what they […]

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Autism Awareness Contest Entry: Erin’s Story

Erin is a young woman with autism who submitted this story to our contest. Her wish is to have everyone understand her and accept her for who she

Autism Awareness Contest Entry: Jennifer’s Hope

This story was submitted by Jennifer, the mother of a young boy with autism. She, like many of you, struggle with the difficulty of coping with members of

Autism Awareness Contest Entry: Amy’s Story

Amy is the mother of a nine year old boy with autism. She and her family have had to make the difficult decision to put their little boy

Autism Awareness Contest Entry: Rachel’s Wish

This story was an entry submitted to the Autism Awareness Month 2011 Contest. Rachel is the sister of a young boy with autism. She tells her story of

Autism Awareness Contest Winner is Jennifer

Our Autism Awareness Month Contest 2011 Winner is Jennifer! Jennifer is the mother of a boy with Aspergers. She, like the rest of you, is working day in

A Grandmothers Advice to Family Members

This was posted today on Autism Speaks Social Network by Missi Wallace, a grandmother of a young boy with Autism. Her advice to family members of individuals with

The Most Fulfilling Life Imaginable – by Abby

This is the story of how I became involved in the lives of people with autism and their families. It’s been a long and winding road, but here

From the Inside and Outside – by Charlotte

As a child I was different in a way that seemed unexplainable, I was given labels that did not fit and no real answers to why I was

Advocacy: A Lifelong Activity – by Susan

My husband and I are parents of two handsome sons. Our oldest son Briki is almost 18. He has Asperger's syndrome along with other disorders.He has passed all