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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018

All posts in Community Questions

Photos – Beyond Vocabulary

Photos – Beyond Vocabulary Submitted By Kristin Whitfield, MS, CCC-SLP Photos are powerful – they help us remember and they help us share memories.  Digital photos take on even greater power when used by an individual with autism to share […]

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Problem Behavior During Transitions – A question from a teacher

A child I know screams at every transition time at school (between topics, at time to go out to play etc) and at every frustration even during activities

What is Asperger’s – A question from a Grandparent

My youngest granddaughter has been diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, and I am wondering if you could send me more info about it. I don't really know that much

Undetected Hearing Loss – A question from a parent

Recently my husband and I discovered that our son has some hearing loss in his rt. and lt. ear along with a processing disorder. Our son has an

ASD and Physical Disabilities – A question from a parent

I was unable to find any information regarding autistic children who also have physical handicaps as well. Our daughter Madeline was recently diagnosed with PDD-NOS and Cerebral

Where To Go From Here – A question from a parent

I have a 6 year-old boy with autism. He has been included in general education this year. He has a great sight word vocabulary although he does not

Communication – A Teacher Seeking Help

I work with two gentleman with autism that have limited verbalization. One of gentlemen tends to become confused when answering questions as well as reciting proper salutations, such

Scripting – A Parent Seeking Help

My 5 1/2 year old son was diagnosed with Autism about 2 years ago. In some ways he is doing great — sight reading, compliance, GI function, computer