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Wednesday 22 Nov 2017

Autism Frequently Missed in Children With Epilepsy

This is an interesting article about the prevalence of autism in children with autism which may be going undiagnosed. Epilepsy testing is one thing I recommend to families of children diagnosed with autism. This article provides supports recommendations in the other direction!

Written by: Allison Shelley
Originally posted at: Medscape News Today

December 8, 2011 (Baltimore, Maryland) — Despite problems, many children with epilepsy are not evaluated for autism or developmental delay.

“Systematic screening should be routine for all children seen in epilepsy clinics,” Anne Berg, PhD, from Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, told reporters attending a news conference here at the American Epilepsy Society (AES) 65th Annual Meeting.

In a study presented here, the investigators tracked children younger than 5 years seen at an epilepsy monitoring unit and a ketogenic diet clinic for about half a year. They asked parents of the 44 children to complete the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, as well as an autism screening tool.

Most of the children (77%) screened positive for developmental delay; of these participants, a strong proportion (36%) had autism.

More than a third of patients had not been previously diagnosed as having developmental delay or autism and were referred for confirmatory evaluation.

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