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Sunday 21 Jan 2018

Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia

The New England Center for Children® recently released version 3.0 of their web based application, the Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia® (ACE®).

This new version of the ACE includes several new features:

  • A completely redesigned user interface, which ensures easy navigation across the ACE.
  • The ability to use phase lines in all of the graphing tools on the ACE.
  • Curriculum brief sheets for all ACE curriculum. The brief sheet version of the curriculum is a simplified, one page version of the curriculum which also contains blocks for data collection.
  • A simplified the data entry page on the ACE. Now users can enter multiple sessions from the same day all at once.

These new features, along with the Core Skills Assessment, the more than 1200 pieces of curriculum and the built in graphing capabilities continue to make the ACE the most exciting online tool in behavior analysis for working with students diagnosed with autism.

If you would like to speak to someone about how the ACE could meet the needs of your school or school district please contact a representative at

The Autism Curriculum Encyclopedia Brochure

ACE Primer

Reference: Email correspondence from the NECC

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