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Friday 19 Jan 2018

A Plethora of Literacy Resources

There are many reading programs available in print and on-line. It is most important to make sure that all the areas of reading are addressed within the curriculum materials. Teaching strategies may needs to be modified based on the specific needs of the students, but the core components of the curriculum should remain the same. Here are some of the reading resources currently available. Listing here is not equivocal to program endorsement; these are simply resources discovered by the editor or recommended by members of the autism community.

Reading Programs

Edmark Reading Program
Reading Milestones
Reading 180
Reading 44
Reading Counts
Explode the Code
Reading Horizons

E-Books and other online resources

International Children’s Digital Library
Read and listen to Clifford stories
Screen Actors Guild Story Read-Alouds
Story Place a Children’s digital library
Online Leveled Reading Library
Learning Today and online reading (and math) program

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