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Sunday 21 Jan 2018

20 Ways to Use Boardmaker Studio Starter Templates with Preschoolers

good manners book

Here are some practical ideas for using Boardmaker Studio Starter Templates to create fun activities for young children – the perfect tool to support language, literacy and social skills development for your preschoolers.

  • Hint:  Make sure to search the Boardmaker Community to see if someone else has already created and shared an activity that you could use before starting from scratch!  We’ve already created activities for each of the template types listed below. Join our JUMPSTARTS group on the Boardmaker Community to find them.

4 ways to use the Book Templates
Books are a great way to provide interactive and fun literacy activities for young children.  You can even print them out and send them home!  The book templates allow you to create books on any topic and can easily supplement your classroom curriculum.

  • Create a good manners or classroom rules book. 
  • Use digital images to create an “About Me” book for each student.
  • Pick a topic and allow students to co-author a book together on an interactive white board.
  • Create a book about a current event (e.g., holiday), place (e.g., Our school) or person (e.g., The President).









To view the rest of the ideas, please click here!

Happy board making!

Enid, Stephanie, and Sandy

Your Boardmaker Education Specialists

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